Tuesday, March 14

Around Tokyo

Decided to skip school this month because most of the time will be traveling anyway. It's like a huge burden off the shoulders. Much needed relaxation! So what happened in Tokyo last week? 

Went for another Nomihodai cruise. Boat goes along the sumida river, stops at Odaiba and then back. Good sushi, tempura and of course, free flow. 
Plum trees starting to grow. The sakura walk by Harumi island 
Found this in the Triton square, Venetian hotel from Las Vegas much? 
Oblivion, at least makes me feel like it's much like in the movie 
Love these old houses here and there in Tsukishima. Mixed with the new high risers.
Sankeys for pre-birthday party. Another club checked in Tokyo. Costs 3000 yen to get into clubs here. Better enjoy the music for that price! 
Weekend sunshine 10 km run. Spring in the air! Can't wait for the heat wave 

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