Sunday, March 5

Fine! sushi in Tokyo

A heavy storm hit the city today, there were even waves on our little river outside. Windows at the balcony was in for a test. Almost had my phone fly away while taking this picture.
After storm comes sun, Takanawa next to our office 
Hello home 
Some good raw chicken the served here. Not even kidding. 
You cannot find better sushi lunches than at Tsukiji Fish market. Absolutely fantastic. Jussi we are going here when you come soon! 
Tuna, salmon, uni, cod roe, shrimp, anago. The seared fish was...yabai!!
Out for a bot of sightseeing up in Tokyo Tower at 454 meters above this gigantic city. Can see our flat up to the left corner. 
Clearly see the different "centers" of the city. Ginza, Shinjuku, Shibuya & Roppongi 
 Peaking at over 600 meters 
A long way down 

Yepp, Japan only 
Sensoji temple, always packed with tourists. Half of China is here :) 

More sushi! My quote is full for a while now 
Some REALLY good fatty tuna 

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