Thursday, March 30

Bangkok Expert Meeting

After Hiroshima I just stayed home 1 night before flying out again to Bangkok. Again. We are just about to launch our products in Thailand and this meeting was about meeting senior doctors.

The Deck is a really nice Thai restaurant just by the river. Good place for a sunset dinner. Cheap and amazing food 

Someone had ordered some refreshments at the hotel lobby in the evening 
 Bangkok has a lot of rivers that flow through the city. Most of it is reeeeally dirty like this one 
 Mahanakorn Project, has a tetris like light-show during some nights. 
BioGaia will be Restoring Life in Thailand soon! 

 Oysters anyone? 
Found this temple just next to the office, gorgeous 
 At least once per Bangkok trip need to take a tuktuk 
 House of Sathorn by night 
Reminds me of Raffles in Singapore

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