Tuesday, February 21

Long days...work work study study

Going on work trips while doing intensive studies hits back quickly. Missing 3 hours in school per day and homework sets you back quite fast. And making up for it makes the days loooong.

I'm so waiting for the day when my Japanese is good enough and no need for school anymore. But until then, blood and tears and loads of Kanji writings and grammar that is as complicated as Finnish....

Bright bright day at Monja Street 
Little temple just next door 
Buffee lunch, restaurant was full of Chinese tourists. I noticed that Dianping had an add by the door, no wonder. Everyone seemed to have come for the giant crab legs. Cheap buffee but not super great 
They got Moomin shops here and there in Tokyo 
Study study 
 To keep som balance with work, school and everything else evening runs are great for relaxing 
 YUM YUM!! Soba & Pork cutlets in egg with rice 
 Happy valentines day boo, pancakes and coffee served! 
 And thanks for the chocolate all the way from Finland, didn't even know we had these brands. 
 For Valentines day the supermarkets sold cucumbers in heart shapes 
 Tsukishima also has a sweet potato truck, an add of to the regular ramen wagon :) Was shouting funny slogans 

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