Thursday, February 16

Bustling Bangkok

Almost a year since last time in this coconut paradise! There are few cities with so much things going on like Bangkok. Probably the best time to visit now since temperature hardly climbed over 30 degrees. None of that sweaty humidity in February. Was a great kickoff meeting with our new partner, lovely team :) BioGaia in Thailand soon!

Was great seeing you Junior and best of luck Grace on becoming Thailands next face! I hope you win the competition!

Bangkok skyline  
Will be working a lot with these lovely people this year! 
 Cool to get an upgraded room with a bath like this! Didn't have time to use it though
Red red sunsets 
 House of Sathorn used to be the Russian embassy for 40 years 
They have a pretty cool bar! 
Chefs took their time to prepare our courses...and result was...
Pretty gory food :D 
Khaosan road always as busy 

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