Saturday, February 11

Grattis på födelsedagen Mamma!

Happy birthday mom! Big day to turn 60 years :) I'm really sorry I forgot the present in the airplane at it wasn't found. New one coming up next time I'm home.

I barely had time to do anything during the 1 day home but hopefully next time more time to spare. And please be warmer Finland!

Didn't even know that Kallio had a big cathedral like this! 
 Found a real old bakery, yum yum stuff here! 
 The new Airport Express train open and running. Really nicely made! 

Happy Birthday mommy!
 Meeting god daughter for the first time. Welcome to Tokyo someday Neah 
 At least we had time to play Mario Kart for a while :) 
 Iso Omena expanded and the mall now has the most amazing organic and health shop I've seen!
 Organic anything you can imagine!!
 Stock up :) 
Recycle in the looks very neat...and green. 
 Slush party 
 Celebrating Runebergs day with these cakes. So good! 
 Off to the airport, with a gorgeous sunset

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