Tuesday, February 14

Finally home to Tokyo!

Last 2 weeks trip in Europe felt like half of forever and Japan so faaar away. Not sure if I slept more than maybe 1 hour during the whole 11 hour flight. It's too bad that the flight between Helsinki and Japan is flown by the old Finnair planes. The new A350 only goes to China, Hong Kong and Thailand. Hopefully it will in near future also come to Japan...After coming back to Tokyo I went straight to school next morning after arriving, study time after 1 months "vacation". No matter, so good to be home :)

Been missing this sunset view....
Wonder what's going on down there 
 Weekend afternoon runnings is some good stuff 
Good morning home!! 
Home sweet home 
 Our backyard is always mirror clear in the early morning 
And a picture from the other side 
Always quiet in Tsukishima 
 These guys can be found at the Yurakucho station 
 Went to pick up my India Visa from Tamachi station, loads of Salarimen rushing to work 
 Scandinavian night at the Scandi Center, Moomin International kindergarten for kids available.

 The new add-ons to Fallout 4 are a must for any gamer :) 
 Had the biggest burger in my life so far at Lotteria. You can get up to 10 stacks! And and as many more as you want, each stack 150 yen. NOMNOMNOM

 Gobble gobble!
 Sun setting when leaving office in Shinagawa
 Sunset run at Toyosu 

 Tokyo International Forum
 To Meiji shrine with prayers for Kaj 

 Docomo Tower 
 Late night runs are equally beautiful. Home sweet home, can you locate? 
 Tsukishima Ramen truck, would love to know his route so I could find hime when I got money. Always randomly bump into the truck while running late
 Watching Sumo has been on my bucketlist a long time. Finally see some traditional old samurai sport! 
Ryogoku Kokugikan Sumo Hall

 Full house and really cool arena! 
 Introduction round 

 3, 2, 1, FIGHT! 

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