Sunday, December 18

Winter is coming Tokyo

Since last week it became much colder back home, no more sleeveless shirts while running. This time I didn't have time to be home more than 2 days before it was time to leave again. Had a very great run from Tsukishima to Akasaka and back. Gorgeous sunny day with all trees turning yellow and red.

Can never get enough of this view from home 
Home sweet home 
Fluffy winter clouds
Horn of plenty, Asahi Breweries 
Sumidagawa River 
Leaves are falling off, parks becoming very colorful this time of the year 
Skytree at 634 meter looking huge! 
Akasaka market 
Went to have a quick peek at this old arcade in Akasaka
Dusk arrives and home we run. Ended up doing a 20km + set 
Had to get up 5:30 in the morning for my flight, subway empty on a Sunday morning
Good morning Tokyo! Next stop Singapore...

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