Monday, December 19

Singapore Sling

Came a few days to Singapore to take care of a few things and plan 2017. Always as nice to be back to sunshine and 30 degrees. Bit sweaty with a suite but from hotel-taxi-office-taxi-hotel it isn't really a problem. Very different to suddenly go running in hot and humid after a cold Tokyo. Sweat sweat! 

Good morning Mount Fuji! 
So nice to wear shorts for a few days, hot hot! 
Start the trip with dinner at Sing Fa with some of their famous Bak Kutteh! Really awesome place in Chinatown

Turned out to be a nice pinkish evening
Clarke Quay graffiti
Sunset by Boat Quay 

Clarke Quay by night
Red rum
Could get used to mornings like this, too bad it's not a leisure trip
Dinner at Chjimes, loads of restaurants in this old colonial school / church courtyard
Hallway like going back in time
McDonald's started their delivery a while ago here...McBike
But who cares about McDonalds when they have Laksa! 
Probably one of the best deserts I've had. Blueberries, dark rice, ice cream and some kinda iced milk. 
Went for a run around the whole Marina Bay Sands in the night, such a gorgeous place

The black iceberg looking thing is a nightclub which I've never even heard about, need to go check it out someday. Put on a neat place! 
Bar area with vitamin machines, when you know a terrible hangover is coming...
Was curious but not curious enough to buy this. Funbox! 

6 am morning run around The Marina. Singapore Merlion

Clarke Quay in the morning looks so different without any people and all clubs closed
Good morning Singapore, 32 degrees and sunshine coming up! Tonight back to Tokyo again, hoooome to bae 

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