Tuesday, December 27

ProDentis launch in Hong Kong !!

After a lot of work we finally launched ProDentis in Hong Kong. Another milestone globally with a new country you can purchase more of BioGaia products in. Big points home to Ting for being the mastermind behind most of these last few days!

Hong Kong side! The sunset from the rooftop is quite the sight. Magical city :)  
Nathan Road, one of the main shopping street 
Closed for business right now, but call us :D 
Arnold in Hong Kong 
The Peninsula, if your booked at this hotel they can take you by helicopter to the roof from the airport. Arrive in style :) 
Out for a walk i Stanley 
Stanley Market 
Just about 1 hour outside the busy side. Great with a drink, lunch or dinner by the sea
Lunch at Murray House (opposite the previous picture)
View from The Peak on the Hong Kong side. The high tower to the left on the other side is the Ozone bar that is on the next picture 
First nights dinner at Eaton Hotel, now it's showtime Bruce & Vincent. Mastermind himself to the right  
Ozone Bar at 118th floor, some Gintonic please 
How Hong Kong looks from almost 500 meters 
It's showtime! Now you can finally get ProDentis in Hong Kongs dental clinics 

Dimsum lunch with a view, thank Ophelia & Joanne :) 
 Was a lot warmer and busier trip than I thought. Time to head back to Bae x2 in Tokyo now. 

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