Monday, December 26

Tokyo Autumn

City turned yellow in a very short time, time to dig up winter clothes and bury the shorts for a while. Much warmer here than Shanghai though, positively surprised! 

Very yellow on the way to work - Shinagawa 

Our little shrine next door covered in leaves
Sun sets over Sumiyoshi-jinja Shrine next door 
Roppongi is getting read for Xmas by Mori Tower 
O-Bar was cool with a lot of nice craft beers 
We went for a run halfway down to Shinagawa from Tsukishima. A fine day for a 20km set! 
Takeshiba port with boats going to the nearby islands of Tokyo. A must do when it gets warm again as weekend escapes 
Sun about to set just above the Fish Market 
Good night Tokyo Tower 
Tsukishima & Harumi bridge with upcoming moonshine 
After 15km of running some Sushi at the Tsukiji Fish market taste good! Magurooo

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