Tuesday, December 13

Hong Kong, but just a transfer

After a few days back home in Tokyo it was time to set towards Narita again...This time all the way down to Sydney Australia. Had a flight via Hong Kong this Sunday. Had a few hours time to walk around Hong Kong and also go enjoy some Dim Sum at Tim Ho Wan. Weather was perfect and sunny, much like a good summer day in Finland although December here.

Hello rocky sunshine! 
First stop Tim Ho Wan. Easy to smile when making this amazing food! 
 Nom nom Tim Ho Wans pork buns are amazing 
 Not all buildings are new and expensive high risers 

This street food is so good in Hong Kong! 
 Mongkok fruit market on a busy Sunday 
Nice rooftop with an own tree in Yau Ma Te
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 Victoria Harbour 

Loads of tourists out on a Sunday 
 Sun starting to set and time to go back to airport. One of the busiest container ports in the world
I must say that the Cathay Pacific lounge in Hong Kong on my way to Sydney was one of the best ones I've been to. Choice of noodles, DimSum and a whole bar! 

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