Friday, December 16

Down Under in Sydney

When it's winter everywhere else the Aussies are enjoying high summer! Xmas is warm and good times! It's been a year since last time coming here, time does pass by so fast! Sydney is great because they have everything. Nature, beaches, great climate, nice people and good food! Can't find any downsides to it than prices.

After a 10 hour sleepless night-flight some strong coffee much needed
Amazing view over Hydepark
Lobster lunch ! Just missing the Champagne now....
Hello Coogee! What a nice Christmas weather you have! Went for a walk towards on this perfect day after meetings

White sands and sunshine
Wonder what happened here...
Coogee ocean view walk

Gordons Bay
Haven't had a good Acai bowl since Hawaii
Coogee cove from far away, walking south or north are both equally gorgeous
It's a bit strange with Christmas lights when outside is 25 degrees
Darling Harbour morning run 

And from a bit further away in hotel 
So many new buildings came up in 1 year
Art ninjas from Japam 

St. Mary's Cathedral in the night
Nothing beats Taco Tuesdays, have been craving for good Mexican food a long time
Chinatown, an explosion went of here today and some people got injured. The news wrote it was a gas leak, good that I didn't come for Asian food this time
By night iPhone doesn't wanna focus on small details. Wonder how the new iPhone will work in the night 
Sydney Tower
Mona Vale, stopped by for lunch before going to next meeting. Gorgeous place like bae's name!

Coffee at Bronze Kiosk
Went for a 15 km night run around Darling Harbour, Harbour Bridge and Luna Park

How gorgeous you are in the night Sydney

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