Saturday, July 25

Shanghai, settle in at the new flat

First week to be home after moving into my new apartment. Really nice view and this compound also a lot better than the old one. No more taking out the battery and carry it back home from the scooter. Can just charge it in the basement of the building and there is a guy who looks after it 24/7 for 35 euro...a year!  

View from my new bedroom 
 Looks like Edward Scissorhands has a new car 
 Communistic China...the inequality is really really high here. Ferraris passing this bamboo cart pulling worker. Migrant workers in the bigger cities have almost nothing. 
 This was something new, Shaq's own Vanilla Soda at the "foreign" small supermarket next door.  
 Rain came down, so hard that everything just disappeared. Feel bad for all the delivery people because this was just during the lunch. Monsoon!  
 Haven't made food home for over a year...Been thinking of buying an electric BBQ for a long time and finally did. Nice to make chicken steaks on it. And then this egg-head-raggmunk set with some bacon - Like a Sir. 
Yum yum, really love that Taobao has everything to buy 

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