Monday, July 13

Moving apartment Shanghai!

I wonder who long this will keep up...It's so moisty indoors that all my sheets even feel damp.

Had to move apartment this week so everything was a bit messy. Hate moving...Luckily I had 3 moving guys who came and carried everything. Only thing I needed to do was to pack everything ready before they arrived. And the whole thing cost totally about 100 euros. Some things in China are just very convenient.

Now I live in the same apartment complex as in 2011, what's the odds! Had no idea I would come back to this city not to mention same complex. It's a different house though and I finally live high up like I've been wanting for years. Good view from the 21st floor :) Loads of fun memories from Jiaozhou road 358, I'll come back and chill at the rooftop again. The door is wide open for anyone, would make an awesome place for a party or BBQ. But not really sure how the management would react, China is not very keen on people gatherings.

After a long nights packing set, some night BBQ. Yum yum
 This guy! Taking up all space that is for the bikes with his ridiculous 3-wheeler 
 My world map - Been there done that. Blue dots are visited cities, yellow one places I've lived at. This was my first DIY when I moved into this flat. 
 Goodbye Jiaozhou road 358...Some good memories from this place! 

 Goodbye with this morning view and soon another much higher one 
 Work them boxes 

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