Wednesday, July 1

Rain season in Shanghai

Rain season, it just keeps pouring down most of the days...Luckily there was some clear days this week too. Had some company from Sri Lanka and was lucky enough to be able to sit outside. There was also a huge medical expo this week, it's mind-bogging how big the pharmaceutical industry is!

View from the office this has been booooring 
First time driving through Pudong since I came here...Tower to the right is 632 meters tall! Middle Jin Mao which is part hotel & apartments and IFC to the left that is also a hotel + offices. 
Kilometer after kilometer of drugs 
Highsun totally copied MasterCards logo. If anyone who reads this works at MasterCard, you might wanna give Highsun a call about IPO rights...
All kinds of herbal medicine and extracts were on display too 
Found "that guy" who enjoyed the show most, slept at the same spot when I passed him an hour later.  
Breakfast on the 48th floor at Novotel, great way to start the day!

Green green river feet. Smog
 Cleared up a little, Pudong skyline
Haven't had a cigarette in years, might as well just have a big fat cigar when lighting it up! Roosevelt House - Bund 27. 

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