Thursday, July 23

Good morning Vietnam!

Back to this big but still, low city. There are not that many skyscrapers here yet, or so I thought. Found out that just outside downtown there is an observatory deck on the 72nd floor. Great view over the city, it's growing fast!

If you don't have passion in what your doing. It will probably fail or then just not succeed. Love what you do. 

There was a 5D exhibition from Korea up in the tower. Pretty cool, I came eye to an eye with...The Ring 
Keep looking and the picture will move by itself 

I also got to learn that there is a curfew starting from midnight. Didn't know that before...Entertainment and nightlife is still developing. But, until midnight the old quarters are super cool! There are so many restaurants, bars, street food, random BBQ spots with just 4 seats in the street. You can basically buy whatever you can imagine in this area. Kitchen equipment, coffee, tools, birds etc etc. If you have never been to Asia, this is exactly how you probably thought in your mind that it would look. 37 and hot like in a furnace with air humidity probably close to 100%. Feels like swimming on dry land.

Entering old town, great view to sit up on the riverside cafe with a beer
Old Quarter main bar street. Open until midnight - Everyday 

Street karaoke 
Berlin style 
Souvenir shopping 
Busy busy night market 
Snacks anyone?
This place called LEU cafe was awesome. But it's a bit hidden on the second floor in one of the old houses on the Old Quarter bar street. Worth looking for! 

Closing or opening? 
Haha, real or fake? 
For good luck 

Got to meet a lot of people this week, went for a visit in the Swedish embassy. Amazing location! The Finnish ambassador had great view from his room overseeing the whole city from the Lotte tower on 24th floor. Our training session was really fun too, welcoming BioVagen to the Biogaia family.
Office view - ICON 4 Tower
Buffeet in the evening, they had EVERYTHING!

 The hotels here are very well priced, you get a swimming pool with amazing gym and food for much less than just a regular hotel in Stockholm. 
 Fishy fishy

Some Pho top of the world
Another beautiful sunset 
Also did some small sightseeing and walking around. Quite a lot of culture and history to see in thos city

Vietnam, you are running fast and improving by the day! 
Long live Ho Chi Minh

 Sunset outside the Opera house was...very red
 The one legged pagoda, they had to ruibuild it because of the stupid French colonials decided to destroy it in 1950s before they left Vietnam. Yeah good going guys, why did you have to smash it? 
 A smaller version of Notre Dam can be found in the heart of Hanoi. 
Charlie Chaplin stayed here at sofitel Legend hotel about 100 years ago. A lot of other historically famous people has also lived here. Chaplin made his favourite drink and it can still be found on the menu. Must say that this man had taste! A great mix of Gin and other ingredients. If you find yourself in Hanoi I strongly recommend to come by and have a drink here. 
 A fashion shop had this...what? 
 There were loads of banned of different artist outside the opera house. Everyone looked happy and good like artists usually do. But this guy...Grumpy much? 
Loads of jackfruit along the street 
 That gold! Vietnam National Museum of History 
 Turtle and sword lake, view from the riverside cafe 
 People watching. And yes, they still wear those "rice paddy" hats. A lot of them 
 Found a really cool cafe in the Old Quarters. Amazing coffee here! Vietnam, you have the best coffee in the world! I don't care what some people say that Italian or some other European coffees are great. This one, tops them ANYTIME. 

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