Wednesday, July 8

Beijing, my second home

It's been some time since last time I was here! Last October seems lightyears away...But to be honest, I have not been this excited waiting at the airport since I don't know when. Traveling all the time but there is seldom this kinda feeling to flying out. Sitting in an airplane is pretty much like a long taxi ride with the amounts of flights I'm doing now.

Mikko, it's been a long time since we partied here but it's just becoming better by the years! Or maybe I just more places and people now. Thanks Jussi for hosting as well :)

This was a truly epic weekend with a rave just by the great wall, felt like my 5 years in Beijing just passed me with fast-forward speed and I was happy as can be. Really amazing time!

Hongqiao Airport in Shanghai is so much smoother than Pudong. Security and check-in took like 15 minutes in total 
 Loads of things to do the first day! Make everything ready for the Great Wall party! I went to the supermarket to buy some water guns which I intended to fill with vodka and use in the bus I was in charge of. Too bad the gun didn't work and I didn't feel like carrying around a bottle of vodka the while day. Jussi, it's in your fridge. Found those disgusting chicken-feet in a supermarket, ewwww
 Out shopping 
 Some tanning in the sun on this perfect day...Not many 35 degree blue sky days in Beijing! Cheers for this 

Haha, only in China! 
 Also went to see the new Finnish MOI restaurant in Beijing, salmon all the way. You can find this place in MOMA. 

 What do unicorns taste like Seba? .....Read my lips 

 Check out the whitest waiter in Beijing 

 This place, been here forever and was here for the first time in 2007 
 Elements! You old home! Thanks Mark for the good night 

Cool entrance 
 My old diner....Lush! You fed me for 7 months EVERY DAY! - 华清嘉园

MURICA!! 4th of July ! 
 Fixing the bus from Wudaokou to the Great Wall party for these party people! 
 Not the best of roads to the venue 

Seeing something you like? 

But once arriving, it was well worth the 2 hour bus ride! 
Signal towers, like from Lord of the Rings. I wish all of you raver buddies would have seen this place! 
There was an old movie set build here, was actually pretty legit looking. 

Tuning the set before the party started
Drop the bass and let's get the party started! 

 Nothing better than a cozy bonfire in the night 
 Sunday a bit slow...Still have to check out all the places that's been on my mind for a year now. There are no better place for beer & burger than Great Leap, Not only talking about Beijing but in general. From all the cities and countries I've been to I still haven't found a place that could top this! Cheeseburger with Honey-Ma beer 
 Found this place in 2009 and probably been here 100 times, great pizza, cheap beer and cozy joint. Nearby the tree
For a beer at's like a supermarket but there is only alcohol. And it's really really affordable. 
 Had some crayfish in the streets of Sanlitun, season for that now 
The Bar - You will want to come here for exclusive drinks with happy hour prices before 20. Their only about 2-3 euro each. 
 A new club that so far been the biggest club investment in China. Sirteen cost over 90 million RMB to build. It was pretty spectacular with massive lights show and screens

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