Monday, July 6

Hong Kong - Dimsum!

It's over 5 years since I came to Hong Kong the first time...I just looked up the old blog post about the city. How young I was! Pictures are not too great either and I really made them look too small. If you want to take a look its here Hong Kong 2010. That time I went to Hong Kong to fix my first working visa in China...It's only the first time you need to go outside of China to apply for it. And now they changed the rules so that you have to go back to your home country to get it, saved some plane tickets doing that back in the days...

Again one of these for a late flight....
So happy to see this after rainy Shanghai!! 
This time it wasn't for fixing my visa but joining our partners grand opening! Their in a very cool and central location in Tsim sha Tsui now, congrats for the opening to all of you. Food and drinks were great! Looking forward to see how I look on Hong Kong TV as well :) 

Me and Mona went munching DimSum around the city and loads of other good food. Saturday night was a bit of party out in good ol' LKF. It's crazy crowded here in weekends! Thanks for the awesome night out people ! 

The Peninsula
Felix - Top of the Peninsula 
Biogaia congradulates you 
Smile :) 
Happy 18th birthday
Roasted pork! Yum yum 
Best dim sum ever!!
These guys knows food

LKF always busy on a Saturday night

Booking a hotel outside the city has it's pros
Wonder what was up with this selfie thing
Like Atlantis in Bahamas
When one fire alarm just isn't enough...there were about 20 of these
Hong Kong from Sky 100th floor. A damn beautiful city!

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