Sunday, August 3

Back with friends in Shanghai

One of the best things with being back in Shanghai are the friends here. The people you spent amazing different moments and memories on this side of the world are different than the friends home. People you know from home will never ever really experience how it is to live abroad in a place like China. You might get an idea of it after visting a few days but never really get how everything works here. Daily things, work, culture etc. That's only something you share with person that lives and works here...Happy to have met so many awesome people here. 

Brothers in the east, you guys make life here so much better
 Some of the new Transformers 4 was filmed in China, it became super popular here 
 One day last week I posted on my Weibo (kinda like Chinese version of Twitter) this picture of a remote all in Chinese saying that this was difficult to understand when I moved to China before. I got a picture sent back to me in a few days afterwards. So sweet, thank you stranger! Hope in humanity restored :)
 Explained version of what buttons are what, and also "dont need to touch anyone else" hahaha, love the translation :) 
 Some the best IPA's in Shanghai, happy hour only 30 rmb! Shanghai Brewery has been in the French Concessions a loooong time. Great place to come afterwork because happy hour is until 20.00  
 Logistics in China, you never recycle anything of your own, there is always a bunch of these 3 wheelers that come and pick up different things. Some take styrofoam, cardboard, metal, old electronics etc. This one here is an obvious card board dealer. 
 Went for a Music Video shoot on M1NT's roof. Never been to the roof before, it's only open at special VIP events. By the entrance there a lot of small sharks in aquariums, not something you see everyday. 

 This guy and his commercial is hilarious. I would personally never buy anything from a guy who looks like this....
Got my gym card for a year. It was pretty cheap, only about 25 euros a month. Saw this woman using a leg press totally WRONG. Next time I see her doing it again I'll go say something.

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