Monday, August 25

Land of Mangoes - Philippines

Jet-set, repack a new suit and then go again! This time a little more south of Hong Kong all the way to Manila - Philippines. At the moment I spend a lot more time in airplanes than in cars...Cathay Pacific was out of food on the way so was a bit of hungry flight. And the planes that leave China are ALWAYS late, between 30 mins and 2 hours. So far every single one I've taken.

The traffic from Manilas airport to the city around 19 is a disaster. It simply does not move. I checked google maps for the distance to the hotel from the airport was 13km. Took almost 2 hours! Walking would have been the same speed. Then again I don't want to walk around Manila in the night. The drive locked the doors as soon as I got into the car. This place can be a bit dangerous...When going into any shopping mall they check your bags like it would be an airport control with X-ray machines.

I didn't have that much time to see anything of the city this time, traffic also ruined the chances to move around. Was rainy season, now and then there were massive showers lasting for about half an hour and then the sun came up again...Food was amazing though!!

Layover in Hong Kong, next stop Manilaaa
 The gym at the hotel looked pretty space, very cool light
Amazing breakfast!! 
 Pool was amazing, only thing missing was fresh mangoes to pick from the trees :)
 City center shopping mall
 "Water show"...not really like Las Vegas 
Amazing BBQ, I was surprised after I got the bill for: Lobster, pork, chicken, rice and some other dishes. Total 11 Euros!  Thanks Miguel for the great night out! 
 Appriciate what you have, there are so many people living in the streets here! 
 Sun setting for the day
 You have to pay about 11 USD when leaving, I remember that Indonesia had some kind of similar fee
 Was a strange gate to go down to, the whole airport was kinda messy

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