Monday, August 18

Hong Kong - Sunshine & Dim Sum

Just a few days home and off to the next destination, Hong Kong! Haven't been here for about a year already, time really flies! There was a nutrition expo that was SOOOO packed with people. Never been to anything like this before. They had promotions for all kinds of food products and health supplements, found some amazing organic coconut drinks!

Shanghai at 5.30 in the morning is awesome to drive in, no traffic or people. The driver always thinks he is on a racerack during times like this and speeds up to 80-100km/h on these small roads. 
Flight was delayed 6 hours, had to cancel it and buy new tickets, also needed to run to another terminal. This was the only thing I had time to eat for breakfast, great.
Straight from the airport to the Exhibition Center for a Nutrition Expo. Sooooo much people here and food from all over Asia for promotion prices. The organic ice cold coconut water was amazing, want more!
 Took a while to just walk around the expo
 Turn the lever and see if Yakult gives you a special gift
Hot sauce and almost any other kind of sauce. All food lovers should visit this place!

 View of Hong Kong Island by night
and by day...amazing skyline
Hong Kong isn't Hong Kong without Dim Sum! One of the best foods you can find in Hong Kong

Highlight of the day when it's lunch time
Dragon-i brunch
Fresh fruit in many street corners for very cheap
 Neon neon on the wall, who is the prettiest of them all?
Som people come in style from the airport to the Peninsula Hotel, why not take a helicopter...

 Honk Kong Jockey track, it's here where so many important political decisions have been made during the colonial times. This place probably also shattered as many dreams as it made them come true.
 a NICE day
 Stayed too long in the sun, burned myself a bit. Sun here is super strong, only 1 hour is enough to become pretty red.
Visiting Perma Farm, an ecological project to raise awareness of man & nature. How things are grown organically. Volunteers from all over the world come and work here to teach local schools and universities how  farming and the ecosystem works.

The kitchen
Sha Tin is a beautiful area
This is the part of Hong Kong that you will want to live in
Time Square, always busy
The trams from 50 years ago still running the same routes around the city.
Hahaha, the best name for a moving company. EVER
Found a dead rat outside the hotel room. Hygiene checks out...yum
A pint with friends
 Somekinda tribute to Michael Jackson at the airport was going on

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