Friday, August 29

Shanghai, I hardly ever see you...

I knew that I would not spend that much time in Shanghai but didn't imagine it would be this little. It's basically to come home from the airport, sleep a few days and then go again. Most of the time in Shanghai goes studying Japanese, I forgot how much time it takes to learn a new language. When i studied mandarin I spent an average 6 - 8 hours a day on it...Hopefully in 2-3 months basic Japanese conversations would be possible すごい!

Good to come home late when the taxi que at Pudong airport isn't THAT long. Merely 20 minutes
 Water service in Shanghai, delivered on a 3-wheeler to your house. I wonder how much of this water is fake or pretty much just tap water

Traffic. Everyone stuck in the intersection because no one wants to let the other one go. Someone once told me that you can see what kind of society you live in by looking at the traffic. It's very true in China. If you don't put yourself infront of other people they will take your spot. 
 Demolish and rebuild, everyday

 Quentin lived a few weeks at my place, leaving in the morning is always a surprise to see how he is handling his hangover sleeps :) :) 

"The cocoon"
"Mid rampage" 
Pool day, a beer and with some sunshine in 30 degrees never wrong 
 Thanks Kari for the blender, have been making fruit shakes of all kinds every day! 
 Apple, banana, ice, mango, dragon fruit and milk. YUM
 First time I see graffiti in the street in Shanghai. Again, demolish & rebuild
 Japanese lunch set, BBQ salmon + chicken for about 5 euros

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