Monday, April 15

The streets of Beijing

After driving around the town for over a week on a scooter I learned so many ways to drive to different places that I didn't know before. And also know a lot more about Wangjing area now, haven't really been here before. It's been extraordinary beautiful weather the last week with blue skies and sun everyday. Still a bit cool but summer is arriving! 

Did a longer drive with the scooter: Wangjing - Wudaokou - Sanlitun - Wangjing, a good 100km in total for that day. When getting petrol to the scooter in China they have started asking for your licence, registration and plates . And if you don't have any of those, might just need to go to a few petrol stations before finding one that don't care about checking it. PS: It also helps if you are blond and pretend you don't speak Chinese ;)

Some pictures from the streets around town

People selling stuff on the street, next to THE PLACE
Summer is coming, and so ate the pineapple sellers, can see them all over town
By THE PLACE, 3 wheelers that will take you around when no taxis can be found, we took one when filming Mitt Nya Land and the woman "driver" stole 100 rmb bill from Joakim
 THE PLACE - Home of worlds largest TV
 South East Beijing, it's a lake, not a very clean one, but still a lake :)
 And sun is shining

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