Tuesday, April 23

Hello Europe!

It's been about 10 months since I came to Europe last time. Time really goes by fast....

My plane was late, it took 10 hours to fly from Beijing to Stockholm. The customs also took me to check my bags but they didn't find anything of interest....Passport control wasn't very fast either. It took me 1.5 hours to get out of the airport after the plane had landed.

The driver who was waiting for me had become worried that I would not arrive at all but luckily he  waited. After arriving to the hotel I went straight to eat. Ironically Sweden's BIGGEST IKEA is just across the street! But when I came to Ikea about 19.30 they had closed the restaurant, was able to get a nice shrimp sandwich and hotdogs. One reason to love Asia, everything closes late or is 24 hours open. Expect for Australia, everything closed very early there too.

After Ikea I went to ICA and felt overwhelmed by the amount of food there is...it's like I already forgotten that I once lived in Scandinavia. Meat, cheese and all they good stuff everywhere. Tomorrow, city sightseeing before Wednesdays meetings.

Typical Scandi early spring, 10 degrees and rain

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