Monday, April 15

Beiqi - Finnish Young Professionals Factory Visit

One of our Young Professional members knew some people in the Beiqi factory and helped us to fix a factory visit. This was the first time we went to a Chinese "factory". They picked us up with 2 buses and the ride took about 1 hour. We didn't actually see anything that had to do with a factory that actually manufacture something. We started the "factory tour" by looking at some info about the company. Where they had offices, what products they developed etc. Somehow the whole set-up about the company felt really cheap and fake. 

Arriving, no people to be seen anywhere. This one guide girl shows us company introduction that feels very museum like

Beiqi's own developed electric car that can drive 160 km with one charge. Charging takes about 30-40 minutes
 Checking some engine parts on the screen
 A silly quiz which only had 12 questions that kept repeating same things
 Some car models for show...most of them looked like copies from 1990's cars. 
 Their own developed battery pack...I don't know about you but to me this looks more home brew than professional factory made
 And WHY is there a Hyandai carpet in the car? This kinda explains why the car models look like copies, because they probably were
 Nevertheless, it was a GREAT crowd and hilarious visit to see so much strange things here
 For big dogs...i guess?
 Some of the cars made and then left here
 Assembly line...funny this was that the line and machinery were dusty....This factory hasn't produced ANYTHING in a long time. This is just a set-up
 Dusty half made car, impressive Beiqi! This is exactly what I hoped seeing....

 Charge station for the electric cars. I asked the price and it's abut 30.000 euros. I wonder who would buy a car that looks 20 years old and has pretty low quality? After we finished the tour I noticed that the "real" factory was probably on the other side of the street. At least they had equipment, people and things happening there. This place was completely dead. And to think this is Chinas 5th biggest car manufacturer? I'm pretty sure I'll never buy anything from them no matter what kind of electric cars they come up with. AND this is also a joint venture with Daimler, hard to believe.

 After the factory visit we went to Schindler's for drinks and food! About 45 people turned up and it was a lot of fun!

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