Tuesday, April 23

City of Kings and Queens

It's been really awesome to walk around Stockholm again, the city is amazingly beautiful. Haven't been here for about 3 years now and totally forgot how great it is! Also, Sweden hasn't had a war in like 200 years so all the buildings are original, nothing has been lost by bombings or other war damaging things. Really love the city! Today walked around for 10 hours looking at the old town, kings castle, and basically the whole core area of the city.

Old town - Kings castle, house of parlament

 The Finnish Church
 View like a...King, yepp, that he has
 Always look happy in Sweden, even if it was just a sign for the flowers :)
 The German Church
 Gröna Lund - The Theme Park
 Call the coastguards!
 Kajplatsen, Old Town seaside walking

 House Of Parlaments

 Wonder who use these, they are after all kept in the castle yard
 People seem to live in the boats by Södermalm, or at least they have mailboxes
 And even the trash cans are cute and funny here. Or sarcastic....

 The church on Södermalms hill

 Great to make skating grounds for the kids under the bridge
 Norra Mälarstranden
 Just realised that Justin Bieber is in town, his tour buss. Loads of fans waiting for him to come out and the place was full of police

 The Nordic Museum in Djurgården

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