Wednesday, April 24

Museums of the Kingdom

One of the most famous persons in Swedish history is Alfred Nobel - The guy who invented Dynamite. Alfred had factories in many countries and was a very international man at his time. He was born in Sweden but at the age of 9 moved to St. Petersburg. After St. Petersburg he spent a long time in Paris and was able to speak 5 languages which at that time was considered remarkable. Alfred made a LOT of money with selling the dynamite many countries and had factories all over Europe. He never got married or had any children so he decided that when he dies, his wealth should be given to other great inventors that do things for mankind. The interest rate that comes from his wealth (at that time 30 million) is divided once a year to the best inventions in the following categorise: Medecine, Physics  Chemistry, Literature and Peace. Later price in Economics was introduced by the Swedish Bank.

The Nobel Museum in Old Town
Huge seal of Alfred on the floor
A picture of Alfreds "workshop" and some of the tools used
People who played an inportant role in his life
Walking around the museum seeing people who invented dynamite, the X-ray, microscope, different medecine, LED lights etc makes you feel kinda dumb. What have you contributed to the human race? All the people that are represented in this house are truly remarkable!

In the ceiling there are pictures of every person who won the Nobel price, a guide told me that the winners often visit this museum and come and look at their work. 
 Various inventions and who came up with them 

After the Nobel museum I went to the ALCOHOL museum! We should def have this in Finland too since it plays such a big part in our Nordic life...The museum wasn't anything special, mostly just promotion for Absolut Vodka and then you could go and smell different alcohol types. Thats about it.

The Alcohol Museum
Different kind of ABSOLUT art

 Absolut the sand version, bet that's not gonna clench your thirst

 Liquorice, used as a taste enhancer in many alcoholic drinks
Liquorice carpets....
 How moonshine is made, homebrew
 The Absolut Exhibition in it's whole
 Movie with all kinds of dummy videos, this part is called "Swimming Absolute"
 Don't really know what this has to do with alcohol

 Lie and watch how it is to be drunk

 Smell the booze flavours

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