Sunday, May 28

Westbound via Helsinki

Only had time to spend 2 days home with the family before flying off to Helsinki for a quick pitstop. Finally warm and no need for jackets in Tokyo :)

Helsinki on the other hand was a bit cooler...It snowed!

Flying Finn 
Thank you Finnair....After flying with you for about 10 years between Asia and Europe you gave me the first upgrade. That took some time! Skål 

Hello Helsinki from Hotel Torni

Had some reindeer at the Lappland restaurant

Temple church carved inside a mountain

Market Square & twilight zone

Swedish embassy

Congrats Finland, 100 years this year

After 1 nights sleep in Helsinki we flew down to Prage for a few day. Gorgeous city with so much old buildings. Food is amazing here too!

Central Square form the cathedral tower

The astronomy clock which people always line up to see the hourly "show"

Lot of people down there

Inne roof of the cathedral

World largest castle on the top of the hill with cathedral in the center
Going up to the castle 
Rain came while we were up in the castle but city looks great from up here! 
Inside the cathedral on the top 
Castle dungeons 
Jetlag, got up at 5 am and went running. So calm and empty the city! 
Back in 2009 I did an inter rail trip all over Europe and came in here through the central railway station.
ESPGHAN, Europes biggest pediatric expo was in Prague this year 
Morning symposium about to start

Best burger I've had in a long long time. Go try "The Tavern" and you will not be dissapointed
Intercontinental's rooftop restaurant had THE view

The Dancing House
Great afternoon to walk around the town a bit
It was NOT a Budweiser, local beer 1000x better
Dinner restaurant had the beer brewing above
Freedom wall
A bit of hippie area

Lock it
Should start selling these in Asia too, would probably be very popular
Gorgeous just walking around

Found some really nice local food 
A whiskey to ease the heavy food burden 
Konichiwa from Japan Prague! 
Good night Prague, was a cool week 

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