Wednesday, May 17

Sydney you gorgeous thing

My lucky city...Spent my 30th birthday here and on my 30th birthday around 11 pm I got a mail from BioGaia that I've got the job! That feels like years and years and so much has happened since. Can't say I wasted a moment thinking back...And could not have imagined that so many changes would happen in life in just 3 years.

So far the only downside to Sydney that I can think of is that it's very far away from everything. Everything else is awesome! People, food, winters, beaches, nature.
Harbour bridge 
Lest we forget...
The observatory top of the hill just next to Harbour Bridge 
Pretty obvious there were Irish here 

One of the best Mexican food I ever had at El Camino
Pancake on the rocks! Never had better! 
Our launch symposium on probiotics and it's benefits for children 
Hilarious slide but so true 
BioGaia can be found in most pharmacies all over Australia in a very short while! 
Queen Victoria building after the opening hours 
Pump that...From pump room in Singapore to Pump house in Sydney 
Breakfast with a view ! 
Last day turned out to be wonderful! 

Donnie Darko vibes 
Best pies & hot dogs in town at Harry's! 
Harry's signature pie, yum yum
Career goals? 
The historical wing at Westin...1890
St Mary's cathedral in a perfect reflection 
and on the inside....
Sydney Tower and a vivid sky. Maybe it's the far south that creates these super super red coloured evenings here ?
And fly back to Sushi land...Airport giving some home vibes 

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