Saturday, May 13

Melbourne down under

First time I set my foot on Australian soil was in Melbourne 2012, feels much much longer ago than 5 years. Cool city and I wish I could have stayed longer than 1 night only.

We finally launched our products in Australia! A project that I've been working on since I started BioGaia. Launch symposium in Melbourne was great at Intercontinental Hotel. Had a few hours time to walk around the city and snap some pictures. Winter is coming, only about 10 degrees.

Federation Square at rush hour 
 Hosier Lane graffiti art 
 Passed by a brewery and this bottle stole my thirst away 

There would have been plenty of more good beer coming up!
This would be cool to go check out with some of you guys who appreciate whiskey 
 Would love to go see the Dracula cabaret show next time here!! 
Chinatown...Was here with it was Chinese new year long ago. Great food and loads of dragons dancing
It's obvious that Batman comes from Melbourne...
Very inviting small alley 
River view 
Skyline keeps growing here 
Gorgeous sunset from my hotel room! 
The sky is on fire! 
Night walk, they really lit up the buildings in a cool way
Evening symposium was held in the Intercontinental Hotel, looks a bit like an old prison. Hotel been here for over 100 years, Melbourne was once the richest city in the world when there was a gold rush. 
Nestle's science institution was the organiser

Full house and lot of great feedback 
 Morning clear blue sky walk to the bus station and back to airport...Decided that a walk in this weather 2 km beats sitting in a cab. Next stop: Adelaide 

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