Friday, February 6

Totally forgot Turku daytrip

Time has passed so fast that I totally forgot that I took a trip to Turku one day! The old castle from 1100 is still in very good condition. I think they renovated it a bit TOO much because it seems so nice. Not that old eerie feeling of a damn, cold and stony castle anymore. When I was here 20 years ago it was very different. Still worth a visit if you are in town! Nice and old city but during winter ain't so nice. In the summer it's great to sit by the river bars having a drink or food.

Turku Castle
First courtyard
 Inner courtyard. Wish I had "time-glasses" so I could see how everything used to be here back in the days
 Turku Skyline, not many skyscrapers...
 Aura river
 Turku Catherdral, one of the oldest you can find and huge! Inside kinda resembles Notre Dam 
Get well soon buddy! See you in Shanghai in March! 

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