Monday, February 16

Bustling Bangkok

Shanghai winter really starts to bug me, tired of having an ice cold house. Crank up the heat and take a trip to Bangkok. Probably the best time of the year to go because it's just below 30 degrees and not humid at all. For anyone out there who wants Thailand at it's best, now is your time.

At least the air has been good in Shanghai

Had some amazing time with my bro's on Khaosan Road, was the first time I managed to come here. Busy busy bustling with life and people!

Same street has super modern skyscrapers and tons of trash & polluted rivers 
Good morning Sukhumvit
Long live the King & Queen
Best food here, Pad Thai with chicken 
Had a bigger lunch with all kinds of local dishes 
Chillout saturday night 
The best thing with McDonalds here: Dubble BigMacs! 
Endless sales on the streets, you can buy anything here. I really mean anything 
River view
Khaosan road, here we go :D 

Late night snacks 
Not sure if it's normal to find scorpions in the toilet 
 Some street magician failed a bit with his bottle trick and huge stack of Chang beer bottles were all over the street 

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