Wednesday, February 4

SHANGHAI! Back in town!

Been a long time since I left! This is the worse time of the year to be here though. It's cold outdoors, it's cold indoors! There is absolutely no heating in the houses, its all up to the AC and the extra heater you buy to you room...Didn't even take a shower everyday because it was so freezing and the showers in the gym are kinda....disgusting. So, in wait for warmer times, or places...Feels colder to be here than Finland. For anyone thinking of making a trip here, avoid coming after November until end or March! After that everything is quite perfect

Took a taxi from the airport, it's always between 180 - 200 during normal morning/day times but this one was well over 200. In the night it's usually about that price, forgot the night meter on? I wonder if the old lady in the car had messed with the meter, would in that case be the first time I was taxi-hussled in China...But that's probably alright after 7 years here :)
 I guess it's strawberry season during winter here, can see strawberry sellers everywhere. I think this was quite elaborate to park your pick-up car by the street and putting out a table for sale :)
 What else did I miss about China? TAOBAO! The most convenient place ever to shop at. Just place an order from about 100 million products and it comes to your door within the same day sometimes! Otherwise it's a 2-3 days delivery max which cost like 1-3 euros depending on how big the package is. 2 packs of soda water + imported German beer for less than 30 euros

 View from bedroom window...This was a clean day but pollutions rest of the week was kinda bad and skies hazy / grey. 
The guys went out for Gintei Teppanyaki 

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