Wednesday, July 30

Some of the things I missed about China...And forgot that I disliked

Living in China has it's good and bad sides. If we first look at the pros: 
  1. You meet people who sort of have the same mindset like you. Something also made them come here and for some reason, they ALSO stayed here. 
  2. Everything is ALWAYS open! It doesn't matter if you want a beer, massage of dinner at 2 am. They have it!
  3. Summers are long and warm. This could also be a bit of downside because it's been 30-36 degrees here everyday and HUMID. Let's just compare it with the short summer in Scandinavia and say it's a good thing
  4. Variety! You can find anything here. Food, electronics, people, opportunities, well just name it
  5. Work! The economy is still booming here, not as much as before but tenfold faster than back home
  6. Learning a new language and improving it daily, it feels great to be able to speak and read Chinese! Love it! 
  7. Price, everything IS cheaper here! (except for luxury goods and some imported foreign stuff) You can have a 2 hour massage for 8 euros, get a huge bag of fruit for just a few euros, drink a beer in a local Chinese restaurant for 1 euro each
  8. Easy to fly around all over Asia, cheap and shorts flight to all kinds of cool diving places and beaches! 
Now for the cons:
  1. Pollution! It's better here in Shanghai than Beijing but still a factor that is there
  2. Food safety. You never know what you eat OR drink. There are loads of extra chemicals, fake stuff, spoiled things. It's best not to think about it so much....
  3. Chaos. Why? Well we can start from traffic, nothing really works as it should, red lights are more of a guidance than actual law. People honk like it was a honking competition and no car ever watches out for pedestrians, you better watch yourself in traffic. The subway is packed with people, I mean REALLY packed. People don't stand in line and wait for you to come out first, everyone is pushing and pulling in and out randomly. What is order? 
  4. Corruption, in normal daily situations I have not had any problems with this but if I was local and lived here it would pose quite a few annoying things. I'm not gonna go deeper into this now.
  5. Tapwater! I miss the clean tasty tapwater home! Here you need to order purified water in big barrels. And hope that it is actually purified water and not just something someone took from the tap elsewhere and sold it to you....
  6. Miss your friends home....but then again I miss the friends in China when I'm home. 
  7. Internet. It's slow and it's blocked to a very extensively. Google, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, My blog, Some foreign news websites are accessible without a VPN client.  

The PXP trio, was an awesome reunion guys. 
 Indonesian restaurant in the heart of Jing An park 
 Love the night taxi driving on a hot summer night in the city. Just look at all those elevated highways! 
 It was raining outside, not even a 5 star hotel here is build well enough to hold water out, hah! 

 Wagas, to be honest the best pasta I had so far ever. Strange to find in China from all places...
 Massage! Cheap and one of the best ways to relax after a long day at work....or hangover :)
 Street food! All the colours of the rainbow. Some of the stuff here you really don't even wanna touch with a 5 foot pole but the chicken meat is great! 
 Noodles of all sorts! Yummy soup and rich with flavour. Always at Ajisen
 Shopping, when all the seafood is alive. Hey, it's just keeping it "fresh" 
 Drink prices, gin tonics still go for 15rmb at Windows. IT'S a bargain! Or 2 beers for 25rmb

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