Monday, July 28


Wow, it's amazing to be back in this city that never sleeps! Stayed in a hotel the first week while I was looking for an apartment. When I landed I knew it was gonna be warm. But had no idea it was gonna be this scorching HOT! The quicksilver got up to 36 degrees! And the humidity is intense here! It's like constantly being in a sauna, you only want to go outside in very light clothes or they immediately get soaking wet. Don't see how your supposed to wear a suit at this time of the year. Then again it's China and everything is casual :)

After the airport I went straight to the medical checkup, it is mandatory for the visa. You go to the reception and give 5 passport photos and fill in a form. After that you wait for about 1 hour and then they shout your name. You go through many rooms with different test like height, EKG, blood, eyes, x-ray, ultrasound (but why?) and a few things that I'm not even really sure what they were. My appointment time was at 10 am and my flight landed at 7.40 but I made it even though it was on the other side of the town. Thanks for the car ride Chloe! After coming to the hotel I just crashed in bed for a few hours. The heat, jetlag, health check and a 10 hour flight was enough to put me to bed for the day.
Nanjing East road, the "famous" walking street. It's full of shops and restaurant. As a white looking tourist you will get a lot of massage and sexy girl invitations by random people who try to lure you into places where they rip you off. Heard about a Finnish guy who went for it and they charged his Visa card for 3000 euros. What a dork. 
Rooftop terrace, if you can handle the +40 degree heat in the sun. Not too crowded here...
Some chinglish is mandatory here 
 How would you like some chicken-feet? or maybe some pig skin? yum yum
 Driving a taxi can be a though job, so why not take a nap in the red lights? 
 Can someone tell me what this abnormality is that I got at the health checkup? They also noticed that I was colour-blind


Dr. Wikipedia told me said...

It means you have a slow and irregular pulse. Probably just because of the long flight and the heat.

Seba said...

Ok crap :D Wonder how it can be slow, my pulse always been like 85 a minute....Oh well. Let's hope I stay alive.