Monday, July 21

A weekend in St. Petersburg

Russia is so close to Finland but very few Finns have ever been there. One reason is the hassel with the visa but also the prejudice against Russians. We don't have the best past with them in Finland the last 100 years...The boat we took was alright but don't expect any amazing food served on it. Beers were cheap though, 4 euros on the deck with amazing sunshine!

Pre dinner before the boat, and also my last dinner in Finland for a long long time...After this It's time to move to Shanghai!! 
Helsinki west port
Sunshine, ice cold beer, new destination ahead and with best of friends. This day was pretty perfect

Very 80ties decoration 
Found this in the Tax-Free. Schwip Schwap? That's like the best name you came up for a soda?? Lol 
This place was really dead
Please always follow the safety instructions. Remember to place your child on the rails at the 8th floor. 
Sunset by Suursaari was amazing, the sky was red! There is no extra filter added to picture below. 

Suursaari, one of the areas Russia took from Finland after the war

We took a city sightseeing car that tok us around all the main attraction places. The also fixed us around the que for the State Ermitage so we didn't have to wait 2 hours for tickets. That place is was packed on a weekend! There are so many treasures and piece of art at it that it would take 8 years if you looked at every object there for 1 minute.

St. Petersburg was a nice city but would need much more time than 1 day to explore it! People were nice and the level of english was ok as well. Should have studied some Russian when I was younger, dumb.

 A Sfinx from Egypt, nice loot guys 

 They come in any color you want, comrade 
 Aurora Cruiser
 St. Isaacs Catherdral
 Inside the Ermitage 
 One of Leonardo Da Vinci's paintings 
 The biggest crowns I ever seen

Nice use of seashells. This place was really amazing! 
The "onion" or The also known as the church of spilled blood. One Tsar was killed outside it and it got it's name of spilled blood after that. 
 Nevsky Prospect 
 Last dinner before running back to the boat
 REAL borch soup
 Add the cream fresh to the soup 
 The terminal building was really cool, very USSR-ish 
 Mother Russia
 The port was really random, there are just miles and miles of factories, junkyard, old buildings and schacks on the way into the city. It really looked like something from the Soviet Union times. 
 Metal scrap
 Anyone wanna translate what this is? 

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