Tuesday, July 29

First day in Shanghai

For some reason I skipped jetlag totally by taking a nap after the trip and then going to sleep quite early in the evening. Feel great! First day to check out the new office, fix my phone, start looking for an apartment and meet up with old friends! This city hasn't changed much, it's still busy and buzzing! After a nice breakfast in the hotel it was work, meet the new people at the office and then go to meet Kari and take a set at the gym.

Got cheese? These guys sure did, every morning there was a massive parmesan cheese by the breakfast buffee, just dig in! 
 Yum yum yum
Some fresh croissants or danish ?
 Some DimSum lunch with the people from the office. I've really become a sucker for Asian food. Didn't even like it when I first moved to China. One of those things that start growing on you.
 Beautiful day! This is my office view, welcome to the concrete jungle! 
 Suzhou Creek, Karis place. Better City, Better Life. Shanghais slogan for the World Expo 2010. Still going strong...

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