Tuesday, July 22

Last week in Finland

Wow, haven't lived in China since December the 12th last year. Such a loooooong time in the "civilised" world. Been a lot of fun and chance to detox lungs, liver and the whole system! After this is will be back to the always so busy Shanghai. It's on!! Last week in Helsinki was great, will miss you all! It feels a bit strange to leave all this behind and move back to something so different. Anyone is more than welcome to welcome for a visit, there will be an extra guest room in my new flat!

Boat packed, Bob the builder. Pellinge needs some new stuff! 
 Selfie check 
Awwww, grattis pappa Koli! 
 Evening jogging at Soukka always as beautiful! 

 Paint paint! Hope you have most of the job by now Laakso, sorry I didn't have more time to help than 2 days :(  
 A quick trip to grannys cottage with Mikko

Inhale the last moments of calm
 Birds decided to make a nest in the door 

 Berries! Wild blueberries in the forrest are one of the best things with the summer

 Keep Calm and all will be fine, had to teach the city kid how to row a boat :D 
Gathered most of these rocks here, about 20 years ago...
 How to "hang" your bike to prevent thieves. Out with Valtsu to Kaiku, one of the underground clubs in Helsinki that plays awesome techno

 Will miss this little baby, speed monster! 
 I actually flew to Shanghai but this was for Mikko because he went to Beijing the same day. Delayed! 
 The last supper, international lounge was cool, build like your "own" living room

 Bye bye Finland! See you at X-Mas!

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