Thursday, June 26

What a summer Stockholm???

This week it has mostly been raining and been really really cold, I mean it's midsummer now but when you look outside it feels like autumn and you need a think jacket. 12 degrees and rain is not summer by definition. Welcoming Global "Colding" up in the north...There were however a few nice days but please bring in the heat! Last summer was so damn awesome with sunny days and no rain at all!

No matter warm or cold, breakfast served everyday gets the day going! Dried fruits, nuts, oat & yoghurt with a cappuccino. And of course clash of clans :) 
Study study study
Have a pool table downstairs but only played once, thanks for the game Ted
 An amazing caption of Alvik one evening when I went running
 Sun is setting by Slussen
  My photo got featured on a site of "The best pics of Stockholm"

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