Sunday, June 15

Going to the Promise Land for a week

Joining a week long conference in Jerusalem and some other meetings around Israel. Very exciting! I never really bothered to read much about the situation in Israel since I've been so far away in China. Didn't know much more about Jerusalem than that Jesus died there and there are constant fights with the Palestine. That pretty much sums up my knowledge...

Had one of those TOO early flights that left Stockholm 7am. Had to get up around 4 am for it half asleep. Went through a presentation I was to give shortly after landing, jet-setting business. When arriving in Tel Aviv after 4.5 hours flight the customs didn't give me that much trouble. They asked what my business in Israel was and how long I'm staying. And oh, am I a doctor? Haha, no but sometime I wish I was. Fairly smooth, off to a meeting and then walk around the hotel area until I realised that I had been awake 22 hours. Back to hotel for some sleep until tomorrows morning meeting...

Ben Gurion airport
Some square next to the hotel that I found when walking around after a long days work & flight
 Recycling done right 
 Someones window of life isn't very big 

Hotel B 
Chem being welcomed to Tel Aviv 
Cozyly made 
 The Bar
 Our partners got us some amazing food! 

 Saw this on a light-post, what? 
 Any country that has palm trees has to be amazing, no winter...

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