Wednesday, June 18

The Dead Sea - Float like styrofoam!

It didn't actually even know that the Dead Sea was connected to Israel, just happened to hear it while being in Jerusalem. Had some free time after the busy expo and took a taxi to the dead sea beach from Jerusalem. Takes about 1 hour and then your there, its the border to Jordan in the middle of the sea. It's amazing how you float, just like styrofoam! I gambled a bit and took the phone me to get this cool picture of me floating around :) Good thing I didn't drop it! I always read about this place in elementary school and highschool but could never really understand how it would feel. It's like wearing a floating device on your skin...its impossible to sink more than an inch or 2. It's so damn salty that when you get up you can feel a layer of salt on your skin. Have to take a sweet water shower straight away, if you have any cuts it will probably hurt to go for a dip :D

Passed a lot of beduins on the way, they just live like nomads for themselves. They don't pay tax or belong to any system or government. The Israeli government has tried to pay them to live normal lives but they refuse (story from the taxi driver)
Passing the desert 
 Some warning signs before jumping in


 Chem also liked the 40 degree sunshine in the desert by the Dead Sea, red as a crab from the sun! Or just naturally? :)
 This is one of my favourite pictures...Float away
 How about a beer from worlds lowest bar? 

 sand sand sand
 Not much green here...

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