Sunday, June 29

London - Center of Europe & The old Empire

Have been waiting to visit London for such a long time and now finally! It's been so cool to travel around Europe for a change from Asia. The only downside are the prices, it's almost dirt cheap in South East Asia compared to European cities. Can forget about getting a taxi everywhere you move and having a massage a few times a week....Anyway, London has so much to offer history and culture wise! And I have never seen so many tourists anywhere else in the world than here. And from EVERYWHERE in the world. The first day I arrived very late because of the cheap flight. Flew out from Skavsta airport which is 1.5 hours outside Stockholm. And when arriving in London it's another 1.5 hours into the city center...Thanks a lot to my old mate Tom from Beijing who I could stay with the first night (arrived 3am, very sorry had to wake up your room mate!). Mikko arrived on Friday and we rented bikes and drove around most of the city for 12 hours. Wonder how many kilometers we did. On Saturday we went on 2 different tours lasting 7 hours and then after that on a Pubcrawl to see 5 different pubs/clubs. Was a great 2 days and saw soooo much!

Chem goes UK! 

My mate Tom's flay, cozy :) 

Haha, soccer fans
Parade at Buckingham Palace every Friday 11.00 am
Buckingham gates
Ordered beer, got flat beer. Don't drink flat beer. It's awful. Bleh. 
Winner winner fishy dinner, first authentic fish & chips
Found this in the loo of a pub, convenient! They had this in Mongolia too
Westminster Palace, incredibly huge! 
Big Ben! 
One of Europes most powerful men back in the days! 
London Eye by Thames

St. Peter church, a massive dome
Royal Stock Exchange
London Bullet Building
The SHARD. Also Shangri-La hotel, must have an awesome view up there. Maybe next time if I have too much money :) 
Cool seaside apartments by Thames
Moves so fast that you are caught 3 times on 1 picture, better call X-Files LINKED! Awesome episode
Tower Bridge 

Worlds oldest "tube" 
Well designed design school
Modball rally just hit off when we passed it, another version of the famous "gumball" rally. Amazing cars! 

The "Bearhats"
Lord Nelson at Trafalgar Square
The first Tea shop in Europe
London City was surrounded by a wall long ago, one of the gates were here. Someone said the dragon comes from China but here we have one in UK that is hundreds of years old...
One of the first Templar Churches and also one of the few that is left anymore
The fall of the templars after the King of France told the Pope that all templars were gay and it is heresy, not long after that almost all were killed. Few escaped, everyone likes conspiracy theories that a lot of their treasures still are buried/hidden somewhere.
London Bridge, from beyond
Bridge done right! Pillars can't be removed because the other bridge would otherwise collapse 
Square for the first bank 

Europes first coffee shops, a lot of the trading took place here
Still same name after all these years....Would love to see this place 200 years ago! 
Landmark for the big fire that destroyed most of London 1666
SOHO, going pubcrawling! Happy Midsummer everyone! 

Pub crawlers! 
Busy night
Disco Disco! 
Last day, lived in north London at Tottanham. The area was kinda far from downtown but beggars can't be choosers. London is expensiiiive! Got a nice room in a big house for 50 euros a night. The neighbourhood wasn't the most "posh". Felt like a mix of all kinds of people except British. Tottenham Church. 
Getting to Tottingham by Seven Sisters subway line
Back to Victoria Coatch station and back to the airport, 1h 45 min ride! So be prepared if you fly with Ryanair to leave in time. 
God Save The Queen! 
Street musicians taking it to the next level, fire-instruments 

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