Tuesday, June 24

Tel Aviv - Beaches and parties

Tel Aviv is such a contrast to Jerusalem! What you find here are beaches, parties, clubs, bars, almost no police or military with automatic rifles. It's like any resort city with amazing kilometer long beaches! City is quite expensive, about the same prices as back home in north Europe. The old city of Yafo still have the preserved houses dating back a few hundred year, but it's nothing compared to the history you find in Jerusalem. Come to Tel Aviv and chill on the beach, dine out in the sunset and just relax here!

Booked a private apartment by the beach, amazing balcony and location! 

The beaches were like a travel agency brochure! 

Old Jaffa City

 Every governments problem...
 The first clocktowers in the world. With these it was possible to start "controlling" people with time. One tower was set up in each area of the city and "time" was invented. 
 St. Peters Church
 On the hill top of Jaffa

 The Wishing Bridge, walk over and make a wish
 Cool art, the orange tree has been growing here a few years now
 The narrow street, a lot like Stockholms old town
 Jaffa Port

 Efficient warehouses...?
 Contemporary Arts Museum / Shop
 Detailed cut metal board
 Roses are red and so are you
 Simons place
 Tel Aviv counts the time before napoleon ancient and after modern since he was the first one to develop things in Tel Aviv and made it more into a modern society 
 Amazing sunset from the top of Jaffa

 Yummy cheap streetfood! 
 And some night shots of the same stuff 
 Felt like Aladdin walking around here :D 

 Happened to be a massive Gay Pride party this weekend, beaches were full of people from everywhere, electronic music was playing until early morning on the beach! Amazing partycity! 
 Beach in 180 degreees
 Bye bye Israel, you were a extremely interesting place to visit and so rich of culture & religion heritage to the world!