Sunday, May 5

Midi Festival @ Beijing

The MIDI festival in Beijing has been arranged every spring for a few years already. This year it was FAAAAR away outside the city. Hired a black taxi to get us the 50 km of drive to the far east by the downhill skiing center is. Really wonder why they had made is so difficult to get here. Last year it was much closer to downtown. There were local and foreign bands playing here and to my surprise  one Finnish band as well. It was actually very well organized apart from the location (not too common in China). There were plenty of food, drinks and space. When buying stuff you didn't have to wait, no que's that's often a problem in festivals. The ticket price was also good, only 120 rmb / each. 

Nice alley to enter the festival area
 Could not bring any bottles of drinks inside the area
 Bottle check station

 The people who come camping here for 3 days...not too much space. Don't see why anyone would want to do this...? 
 The first stage
 Tents where you can buy food, drinks and other random stuff in
 In the winter people come here to ski. I might have been here 3 years ago with Timo
Sun setting on the Middle Kingdom  
Perfect weather for this, tshirt and shorts were enough to sit outside
Chuars, lamb on a stick and 1 euro beers

 Campaign not to eat dogs and need to campaign on that, I'm all good with beef and chicken
Jekkua anyone? only 2 euro shots
 Show's about to begin
 Really awesome Swiss drum-electronic band
 Hede, remember when we set 2 of these lanterns off in Beijing some years ago?
 Would be fun to ride the elevators for the view
 Fake shoes anyone?
 Amoral - The Finnish band
 The busses that take you out of the festival area. And it wasn't even crowded in them

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