Thursday, May 30

Finnish Embassy Information Session

The European Union has had a promotion of all its embassies to have a "day of open doors" when some people are invited to the embassy to come and see what work they are doing and also to get to know the people representing them. There was a few hours talk about what different departments do at the embassy and I also introduced what Finnish Young Professionals does in Beijing. 

Mikko Puustinen - Fluent in Chinese and in charge of promoting Finland in China
 Short speech about the commercial department
 Half of the people were Finnish students, the other half Chinese students studying Finnish language here in Beijing
 Like always, traffic on the third ring road. Picture taken from Embassy, Kerry Center 26th floor
CCTV building, in near future 10.000 more people will work here!!
Admiring the views
 I wonder what the "shouldn't know" means....

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