Saturday, May 4

Klara Wappen!

Just because I live in China doesn't mean we don't celebrate the Vappu here! Still one and only Finnish restaurant in Beijing - Take 5 had a Wappu bruch from 10-15 including all kinds of Finnish food, snacks and of course snaps! There were about 50 people who came. Ate as much as I could possibly get of cold smoked salmon, karjalan piirakoita and sausages wrapped in bacon. Awesome way to start your morning!

The Place - Loads of restaurants and worlds biggest TV

Perfect day to eat outside, no pollution, 28 degrees and sunshine

Jussi approving the Salmari shots

And dessert
For 40 Euros Finnish brunch including drinks

After the brunch we went to Chaoyang park to celebrate Anitas birthday. The weather was spectacular and it's finally gotten warm! Everyday is over 20 degrees now and you can walk with a tshirt outdoors. Beijing's early summers always come in about a week. From 10 to 20 degrees just like that. 

Chaoyang park looking great 

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