Sunday, July 2

Jaiho Hyderbad!

Back in the country that is quite different from any other. Honks everywhere in the street, animals roaming around the streets, trash trash trash, high risers and slum shacks. The difference between rich and poor is incredibly high here. 20% of the population does not even have access to electricity. There are more mobile phones than toilets in this country. Knowing India only after you been here and seen it. Big cities are also very different than country side.

Hello Hyderbad skyline. Where development meets the poor 
 Last 3 times I've come here stayed at Westin. Never had any issues with their food and stomach. Price is half or 1/3 of other Westin's and the gym and sauna is great! 
Pool bar...which I've never seen open 
No need to leave the lunch buffee hungry, rows and rows of great Indian food! 
Can also buy imported snacks and beer at the hotel. But hey, go local beer :) 
 Opening a SIM card in India is difficult. VERY damn difficult. Went to Vodafone first and tried. Nope, can't because I can't prove my permanent adress in Finland. It does not state on my driving licence. My Japanese resident card wasn't any good because it's...Japanese and that adress helps nothing. Alright well screw Vodafone then. Found another store next door and they opened to me. Said it will take 24-48 hours to activate. After about 60 hours in Hyderbad still nothing...Wondering when it will open. Why so difficult????? This tuktuk guys driving, talking on the phone and trying to find my hotel back from the phone shop. They say yes they know where, but actually have no idea. 
5-6 persons in these tiny tuktuks, cozy! 
 Building next door to this schack? HSBC back-office HQ...Only in India. 
 Went to my first mall in India. Got some branded shirts really cheap, this was good! 
 Walking back to the hotel in the night felt a bit like slumdog millionaire 
 Probably the best Indian restaurant I've been to at the central shopping center. Go up to the top floor and you are in Indian food heaven! Thanks guys for taking me here :) 

 Train restaurant, re-live an old British train while eating 

 Chicken wrapped in banana leaf covered with spice wrapped in dough and wood oven grilled. Result? FANTASTIC! 
 Second day dinner at one of the most beautiful palaces in the world: Falaknuma. Build over 100 years ago. Abandoned between 1911 - 1995 which after Taj group bought it and restored it. No pictures are allowed inside but I sneaked a few...though not very good ones...

 Nice twilight with incoming rain and sunset 

 Entrance full of 3D paining done by a French artist 
 The office...Where former owner used one of the largest diamonds in the world as a paper weight, because he didn't even know it was a diamond. 
 Bucket-list! I want to have a massive dinner here someday. Dining hall for 101 persons, making it one of the longest tables in the world. 
 We had our dinner in the normal restaurant, which also is nice :) Entrance is pretty stylish 
Bon Appetit
 To the airport...Uber works well here and is VERY cheap 
 Passing the National Fisheries, love their building. Pretty clear what building is their

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