Sunday, July 16

High Tokyo Summer

It's hot and sweaty! Just the way I like it! Rainy season should have started but no sign of it. Lil Kaj-chan is having it a bit hot outside but not long before he gets to try a bit of Finnish summer. Nothing better than running 1 hour in the blistering sunshine. If only summers were a bit longer here...

Family picnic in Yoyogi park - Docomo tower above others 
Fam time! 
What a night what a night! 
To celebrate 4th of July we went out to Kawasaki to enjoy some "American" food. Yum yum Panda Express. It was better in US though 
Orange chicken and noodles 
Very true, next week will be in Philippines lecturing for about 100 people 
Our Tokyo office entrance 
Preparing for the next trip some goodies to bring 
Ginza streets 
Tsukiji market, who wants tuna? 
Toyosu run in 34 degrees 

Shine ! 
Howl at the moon 

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