Sunday, July 9

Bombay clicks

A city like no other...I saw some books in the hotel saying "City of Dreams" but that must have been something from the British times 100+ years ago. Coming to Mumbai feels very far from dreams...Kilometers of slums, trash everywhere and life just looks miserable. I would however advice to come and have a look at this place so you can cherish and appreciate the comfortable life you are living in Europe!

Hello Mumbai ! ITC Central Hotel had a nice rooftop area 
Don't know what they brought to me as breakfast but it was good! 
The slums are real here...


South western seashore 

The amount of trash Indians throw in the water is horrible 

Crawford Market 

Queen Victoria terminal. The buildings in best shape in the city are all build by the British long ago. All "new" buildings look very poor build compared to the colonial times 
God Save the Queen 
Meeting at CBD overlooking the slums 
 Hotel rooftop at least gave a nice sunset picture day before leaving 
Leaving the airport...slums build all around it. Can't even see the people from the trash 

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